Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Bonus: Win a Kindle!

You know how sometimes you have a social circle that overlaps with someone else's, so that at parties and events you keep running into the same people who aren't necessarily people you know, but you feel like you know them because they are great friends with the same people you are great friends with?

That's like the blogosphere.

And two people I keep ending up in the same place with are Lisa and Laura, authors and bloggers extraordinaire. Nearly every blog I visit, they've been there first, and always left witty, funny remarks that make me feel like I wandered into a party late and inferiorly dressed.

In any case, they have a great blog, and you should go read it.

Especially today, because today the universe has dropped a KINDLE into their laps, and they are passing it on to one lucky winner!

Go! Now! Enter! Even though I'm pretty sure the universe wants it to be passed on to me.  :)


  1. OK, this post is hilarious. And yes we keep seeing your pretty face wherever we go too! You know what, now that I'm thinking about it, I think The Universe wants us to be friends. And we are in no position to be arguing with The Universe.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Thanks for leading me over to the Lisa and Laura blog-- I entered the contest.


    Your blog has so many goodies.

  3. Lisa and Laura (are you always ONE entity?) - I agree. We should not argue with the Universe.

    Since we've now properly introduced ourselves, you're now MY friend, and not just friends of friends! :)

    christy - thanks for going! It's a great opportunity, eh? And more so, more great writers to follow!!

  4. I keep seeing Lisa and Laura, too. And then in their comments they always say "we" and "our" so I keep thinking of them as two people trapped in one blogger body. I saw that they got a book deal-very awesome. Too bad I missed their contest.

  5. Jessie - I know! Totally! I keep trying to figure out in the picture if they are literally joined at the Zach and Wheezie in DragonTales (is that still on??).

    So funny!

    But hey - the contest is on until Friday, so you've got time! Get thee over there and enter! (even though I'm still pretty sure the Universe wants me to win!)