Friday, June 26, 2009

My Birthday Blog Bash!!!!!!!!


Welcome to the Maine Beach House! If you haven't been here before, this is my dream home I escape to with my writing group when we're in need of a little whine... ooops! I mean wine. And want to gab. About writing things. Or girl things. Or just laugh a bit. We laugh a lot here.

Could there be a better place, then, for my fortieth birthday bash?

I spared no effort in cleaning it for you, so come in, grab a fruity refreshing drink and join the party!

I made lots of little h'ordeurvey things too. Feel free to grab some on your way by.

That looks like a lot of raw fishy stuff on top there. Maybe you'd rather have something fried?

Mmmmm.... Spring rolls!
I think I'll take one of those Martini glasses with shrimp cocktail. Yum! In fact, I might take more than one...

Shall we retire to my favorite place in the house? The porch! Isn't this to die for? I even bought a new table for out here so we could eat here if we wanted. Off to the right you can see the ocean - that would be the Atlantic. Off to the left are the gardens. I won't be offended if you want to wander off there for a little bit and enjoy the gorgeous flowers. They don't even bother the most sensitive of allergies! Blog gardens are nice that way.

I know most of you are already sneaking around trying to find the library. Fine. It's over there.

There's a great comfy couch to sit and read, but don't even go hunting around the desk trying to find my WIP. It's hidden. :)

Since it's such a perfect day (it's always a perfect day in blogland), you might want to head down to the pool, too. I've got some fluffy towels, and extra swim suits in the pool house if you need them.

I started the grill up. Are you hungry after all that activity? Nothing better on a warm summer day than some barbecue!

Of course, if you are a little weirded out by the heads on those fishes (really! now why didn't I chop those off before I put them on the grill??? Oh yeah! I don't know how to clean fish...) Perhaps we should just stick with a good steak . Can't go wrong with that...

I suggest pairing that with a nice red wine. If that's your thing. I know some of you are wary of the red-wine-headache. I'm pretty sure blog wine is safe, but I'll understand if you'd rather not.

Of course, if you'd rather have something a little less fancy, a good hamburger is always available.

I'm not really a beer drinker myself, but I hear that's great with burgers on a warm summer day, so I stocked the fridge for those of you who like it.

I think I'll stick with my favorite:

Ah! Refreshing! I think I'll take one of those steaks and an ice-cold iced tea... with lots of lemon!!

If you are still worried about Mad Cow thing, I stopped by the Farmer's Market too, so there are plenty of fresh veggies to nibble on.

And, of course, fruit salad. All organic. It took me a long time to find one - I mean make one - without bananas. I detest bananas. And since it's my birthday, I left them out.

If the porch is full, feel free to find a spot in the conservatory. I love how the sun fills this room! It's a perfect place to relax with a margarita, too!

Oh look! It's birthday blog magic! The kitchen is clean! Looks like I get out of doing dishes tonight! Who's up for a walk on the beach?

Isn't the sunset gorgeous on this beach? What? You expected to see an actual photo of the sun setting over the water? This is the Atlantic. The sun rises here.

But you know what's really cool about this photo? It's actually taken at the beach behind my dream beach house!

It gets a little chilly when the sun goes down. If you stay long enough, we could always set a fire in the living room and retire there for dessert.

Anyone for bite size desserts?

Or shall we dive right into the birthday cake?

Well, go ahead! Grab a glass of champagne there and let's have a toast!

To another decade! To all my blog buddies who have gotten me through this year! To us!




    (I think I just saw Kerri streaking! BWA HAHAHAHA)


  2. Woo Hoo Jen!!!!

    Welcome to the beach house! Put down those moving boxes and grab a drink!

    And Kerri better not be streaking through the house! Although, that is better than her locking herself in the library again! :)

  3. Gorgeous!

    Since it is blog-alcohol - I'm opting for a margarita. (You did say you had those, right?)

    I'm chilling on the porch. I'm not sure where Kerri's streaking. . . .

  4. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Heidi. : )

  5. Hey Brit! I've got margaritas... and they are blogritas, so they cause no adverse reactions! Go ahead and have a couple...

    Isn't the view from the porch awesome? The ocean is so calm today!

  6. OMG- your hideaway is to DIE for! What a party (those smoked salmon things are da bomb!)
    Happy Birthday Heidi!
    (your gonna like the forties I bet)

  7. Sue - Thanks! I'm actually looking forward to my forties. I've heard they're pretty good. :)

    Have as many salmon thingys as you like. You know... I bet there's a bike trail down along the cliffs!

  8. If I'm streaking it's b/c it's freakin' sweltering.'s nice to see you're feeling better Heidi.

  9. If someone makes me a gin fisk I'll be happy to offer some entertainment. PG of course.

  10. Kerri - It's Maine. It's never sweltering here!!

    I'd be glad to make you whatever you want for a little entertainment, though!

    Is that a gin fizz, or a gin fisk? Cause if it's a fisk, I'm gonna have to ask you how to make it!

  11. Ah! Over here and over there. A girl can't keep it straight sometimes. Vodka and bitter lemon? Oh heck, even a wine cooler will do.

  12. Really? They call it something different over there? I mean... in English (as opposed to calling it something in German, which would totally make sense!).

    Or is it just the accent?

    *Putting on my best german accent*
    One gin fisk coming up!

  13. I just realized it's 10:30 and I'm on my second margarita. . . .well, make that 11:30 - we are in Maine, right? ;)

    No adverse reactions . .. well heck, I may just end up a bit tipsy before the day is through!

  14. And since blog-friend rolls don't have calories, I'm grabbing a couple, pronto.


  15. Here Brit - have a few more
    *hands Brit the entire plate of spring rolls along with a new margarita*

    I've been sipping mimosas since dawn! Apparently in Maine they don't make my blood sugar to go up!!!


  16. Whooo hoooo!

    IN the time it took me to read all the details of your blog party, I have sampled all the blog goodies, and because it's blog-cohol I had a sample of all the drinkies too!

    So I am now ready to serenade Heidi for her birthday.

    (clear throat, do some vocal warm ups)

    (look for a good stage.)

    (Standing on the stone wall with my back to the ocean.)

    Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaay to yoooooo

    Happy party day toooooooooo

    You are a lovely little ray of sunshine with a lot of talent and all your friends value you cuz you're awesommmmmmmmmmmmm

    happy birthday to yoooooooo

  17. I'm sipping my drink and applaud Heidi at once. That was magnificent darling!

  18. My stomach is (seriously!) growling out loud as I'm looking at all of your awesome birthday food! And, yet, I'm still going to have a mojito, or blog-ito, first. And then cake.

    How long do I have to wait to swim after cake and booze???

  19. Everything's just lovely! Think I'll stay awhile.

    Oh and happy birthday!

  20. Heidi,

    I´ll be there, no prob. I´m already packing my bathing suit. It´s a bikini and in blogland, I look really good in it. Ooooohhh we are going to have a blast! You know, they are now all saying that 40 is the new 30.

  21. *wiping my eyes* Oh, Heidi, that was just beautiful!! Thank you for that lovely serenade!!

    Kimberly and Lenore - welcome to the beach house! So glad you found food you like. Mojitos are the specialty, so have at it! The mint is fresh from my garden!

    At the beach house, you never have to wait before swimming! Eat to your heart's content, then jump right in!

    And Erin, if we look good in bikinis in blogland, I'm heading to the pool house to pick up one myself!

    See y'all in the jacuzzi!

  22. So we can drink all we want with no adverse effects, eat as much food with no calories, and look SMOKING in a bikini?

    Holy heck - this is the best party ever!

    Where's my suit? *runs to pool house to retrieve it*

  23. Brit - you have me rolling!! :)

    Hey - has anyone seen Jen? I think she might have fallen under all those moving boxes.

  24. OKay, does that mean I can be an imaginary good swimmer too?

    I'm still not going in alone!

    I'll be knee deep in the ocean with my mojitio-blogito in one hand. I've never even had a mojito in real life. I'm taking a chance and saying it's delicious!

    I say we have a party at the beach house for all your birthdays. Why wait for a big 4-0? By the way, mine's in a year and a half, hint hint. hehe hehe

  25. Heidi - if you don't feel comfortable swimming in the ocean, you could wander in the shallow end of the pool, or sit in the jacuzzi.

    We should absolutely do parties here from now on! This has been fabulous fun! And I'll mark your 4-0 on the beach house calendar! Consider it booked!

  26. since it's in blogworld, I'll be brave and swim in the ocean! And look perfect while I'm at it! HA!

    Yep, you sure picked a good party spot!

  27. What a beautiful birthday bash! Only where is the lemonade? I want some of those bite-size desserts only I don't think I'll have room after all that food. But maybe after a walk on that great beach I'll feel up to dessert. Was it your hubby who cleaned the kitchen? What a guy.

  28. I made it! Happy bloggy birthday. This was such a cute post. I loved it.

    Can I get one of those writing houses in PA?

  29. Jessie and Paul! Welcome!!

    I'm sorry I was such a sad host at the hubs swept in and threw me an amazing surprise! He wins the best hubs award today!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by everyone! This has been an incredible party!

  30. Hey, I just woke up! Good morning, and thanks for inviting us out to celebrate your birthday!

    (Good job there, Hubs! You get the prize, for sure.)

  31. Great party! :D And, wow, what a house in that first pic. I'm buying it just as soon as I make that first million!

  32. Sorry I missed it yesterday, sounds like you had a great birthday. Loved the cake. I think I would have loved hanging out on the veranda looking at the ocean, eating a whole tray of chocolate.

    Happy Birthday.

  33. KMW - you'll need to wait for you first 6 million! Which explains why it's still on the market after a very long time!!

    Still, it doesn't cost to dream visit it! :)

    Patti- hey - we got guest bedrooms galore! I'm sure there are some people still dragging around and laying on the beach. Grab some food and find a lounge chair!

  34. With all the grand festivities going on at the Maine Beach House I claim the Elder's Privilege to ask we visit this glorious place in October. Brrrrrr you say. It's going to be too cold. Well, then, I claim Elder's Privilege to appoint a committee to intercede with Mother Nature to claim special weather for that day, with Hawaii style breezes but I'll forgo the bugs.

    How about it, Blog pals?

    Happy Belated Birthday, Heidi!

  35. I hope you had a great day and wonderful weather.

  36. Happy party day! Thanks for the good times.

  37. Wow. I see that, as usual, I am late to the party! What is really cool is how clean the place looks even after the wild event last week! Wish I had been there for that - sounds like a good time was had by all. Since I'm late, I will just quietly hang out by the pool or the ocean for a while.

  38. Tony - you can never be too late for the beach house! Welcome, and I'll see you by the ocean!