Monday, June 1, 2009

New York, Here I Come

In four more days I will be on my way to New York City.

It's funny how different this trip is than last year's, in so many regards.

First, last year I was dreaming big about NYC and agents and hoping to be sipping champagne in the near future with someone who loved my book as much as me. I took addresses of agencies tucked in my camera bag, hoping to at least pass by some of the offices.

Secondly, even though I was in a writing frame of mind, it was truly a family vacation. Which meant, it wasn't about me. And I was fine with that.

In four days, though, I will be leaving my family behind and traveling to the Big Apple with my sister in our first ever sisterly outing. The excuse - because there has to be one - is that our mom is singing in Carnegie (I KNOW! Isn't that AMAZING??) and we are going up to see her. The backstory is, we are packing our cameras and taking a total photography trip. Three days, once concert, 70 hours of photography. Neither my sister nor I plan to sleep too much.

There won't be any agent seeking on this trip... no fast beating hearts over feeling like this is my future. I'm on a more even keel these days. Of the four submissions currently out, only one is to a NY agency. And I have a new book moving along, going well but far from finished.

So this trip is a whole different vacation. No curfews. No little heads to tuck in bed at reasonable hours. No schedule to keep. Just a road trip of music, gabbing sisters, and lots of photos. Us and the big city.

Watch out!


  1. "No curfews. No little heads to tuck in bed at reasonable hours. No schedule to keep."

    That sounds like my kind of vacation: a real get away. Have a great time!

  2. Paul - I'm always a bit hesitant to say I like to leave my kids behind. I love them beyond all measure, and I love vacationing with them.

    Still, the idea of not having to cater to someone else... to eat because they have to eat, to hunt down bathrooms because they have to go, to be in the hotel at a certain time or listen to three different set of opinions and navigate a peaceful place between them...

    Well, it's very selfish, I know, but I am looking forward to not having to do all that. Just this once.

  3. Have a great time. There's nothing like going on vacation w/o your kids & w/o your spouse for that matter.

    Congrats to your mom that's awesome.

  4. I'm so jealous that you get to go to NY...and WITHOUT the kids!!! Plus, how cool is it that your mom is singing at Carnegie???

    Have fun, and plan a post for us afterward, catching us up!!!

  5. Thanks Patti!

    Kimberly - It's great, but it's not BEA. One week earlier and I could have snuck that into the weekend too! :) I expect a great post from you, too. LA. Sigh. I might rather be there!

  6. how cool is that about your mom! have fun!

  7. Wow, this sounds great, Heidi!

    You need a little 'you' time. And I agree with Patti - how awesome that your mom is singing there!


    Have fun!

  8. Heidi this sounds so fabulous. To have a Mom singing in Carnegie Hall! What could be a better excuse for a trip to the Big Apple?

    Have a great time!