Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

For the first time this winter, it actually snowed here. It's the latest we've gotten snow in 14 years, and let me tell you, it was highly anticipated! Unfortunately, it came on the one day we scheduled to go up to PA to hit the ski slopes. Bummer.

But, as roads were closed all around us, we hit the slopes in our back yard and down our driveway. Turns out, no one complained a bit about the change in plans! Snow, sledding, snowball fights and hikes to the Willis creek, and hot chocolate only a few steps away!

So here are a few photos from the day (since I have no news on the writing front, having spent the day juggling the family).

The backyard. I know. I can't believe I live here myself. There are kids in there. And a dad. And a big creek that was surprisingly only partially frozen. You'd think after fourteen days of below 28 degrees - many in the single digits - our little creek would be frozen solid. Much, thoguh, was a very, very thin layer covered in snow. I was just praying no one would think they were walking on snow and fall in!

We did some sledding. And by we, I mean everyone else. Because someone has to capture it on digital image, right?

There was also some eating of snow. Even though the adults highly discouraged it. Hey - we live in the woods. With lots of animals.

At least they got the "don't eat the yellow snow" thing. The rest... well, we'll just keep our fingers crossed for good health!

The snow turned to ice tonight. No school tomorrow either. Which means little writing time, and no run. But there's sure to be some hot chocolate. And some good competitive Wii. That counts for exercise, right?


  1. I like that "don't eat the yellow snow!"

  2. That last comment came from Katherine. She forgot to sign her name to it.

  3. GREAT pictures! I love a good snow day, even if I don't get anything productive done!!

  4. Great pictures, Heidi. I'm glad you finally got the snow you wanted!!

  5. I love it! man did you get snow or what. I remember when we had snow days how fun it was to play with parents. :) You're yard is gorgeous!

  6. I love it! Your yard is amazing and perfect for the kiddos.

    I want snow! All I get is ice - yuck!

  7. Those pictures were pure magic. Brought me back to growing up in Minnesota. We had one piddling little slope we could ski on and we did. I remember I skied between trees going over ten miles an hour! I can't believe it now!

    Ah Tahoe where we have our own woods we'll see you this weekend!

    Loved that reference to yellow snow. I hope no one actually ate any.

  8. The pics are great, Heidi...I think you're a fabulous photographer! :)

    Skills all over the place, skills I don't have! :)

  9. Bob and Kat - we're big on the don't eat the yellow snow! very very important lesson!

    Karm - you got yourself a picture! I love it!

    Four Corners guys - y'all are awesome. Brit - it ended up being ice afterwards... snow covered in ice. So not fun!

    Jen - love the camera but man - what I'd do to be able to draw like you!!

  10. I love your yard! Kids are pretty good lookin' too!

  11. The kids look like they're having a great time. Max saw his first snow two weeks ago. I hope it was his last ;o)