Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Little Levity

It's not all serious around here, so here's a little Friday fun at the Willis household.

The kids make gingerbread houses every year. They sit, in all their tempting, sugary, smelly glory in plain view of three kids who walk around for an entire month salivating every time they enter the living room. So when it was all over - the holidays - I gave permission for the little mice to nibble just a bit off the edge.

It didn't go well:

It reminded me very much of this house that got hit by a tornado that came through here last spring.

For Christmas, my eight-year-old picked out Lindt chocolate for each person in our family. My husband got a reindeer. I got a Santa. I started at the top. In typical fashion, my husband chose the funnier end. And when we went to wrap them up for another night, he decided it might be fun to mount the reindeer head. On Santa. So this is our new hybrid:

We are not entirely without culture, though. We did spend several days in D.C. doing cultural things, like seeing monuments and the Smithsonian. But even that showed our true colors.

Here's the kids and friends at the Roosevelt Memorial, joining the food lines:

Here's the boy holding up the Washington Monument. He gets his strength from his dad.

This one involves some explanation. The boy got a ski mask for Christmas - it was one of his few requests. His face gets cold at recess, he said. So he wore it around D.C. while the rest of us worried we'd get pulled over for harboring a terrorist. At the Jefferson Memorial he was goofing off with his sister... they were totally laughing and pulling each other on the bench, and I snapped the photo. The one where it looks like my terrorist son is strangling his sister.

Yeah, this one's gonna be used as blackmail at some point.

Just trying to keep it real.

Have a great weekend!


  1. ok...I think this is really cute!

    My boy has one in bright orange. Stylin!

  2. Your GB house lasted WAY longer than ours. You should've posed your freaky hybrid on the outside of it...he looks a little Big-Bad-Woolfish!!!

    So, I really love the pic of the kids in the food line with their colorful hats. Too dang cute!

    Hmm, why am I suddenly craving chocolate???

  3. Aw - I love pictures of the kids!

    I love the terrorist mask. Cute.

  4. Heidi- orange, eh? That's pretty cool! It might look less terroristy, but be more noticeable.... hmmmm.... dilemma dilemma...

    Kimberly - that is hilarious! I so should have thought of that! I think the chocolate's been nibbled down to far to recreate, but I'll try it! I love the whole big bad wolf idea!

    Brit - I'm glad you like the mask. You want it for your son? I'd be glad to tear it out of my son's hands and send it! (Of course, he may have something to say about that, but what's the good of being mom if you can't pull rank, right??)

  5. If his mask disappears he'll sniff it out in a second, they always do.

    Holger's aunt makes Max a house every year. Two years ago it lasted until we managed to take a picture- she smiled through her tears. This year she laughed hysterically once she realized he didn't want to take it apart. Probably had something to do with the big bag of chocolate she'd given him before.

  6. terrorist things is hilarious