Thursday, January 15, 2009

My First Resolution

Courtesy of my friends up north (thanks, Heidi the Hick!), a very, very cold Canadian blast of air had invaded my state and I can't hardly get the chill out of my bones. During the day, my favorite place to be is in my car - heat blasting ridiculously high, and bun warmers going full throttle. The only problem with the car is that eventually, you have to get out. And out is cold. Very very cold.

So this week I am indulging in my first New Year's Resolution. Going to bed a little early and reading for an hour. Best of all, I have an electric blanket that kicks up a wicked heat, and I have a great book that's very hard to put down.

Back in the early 90s I discovered Michael Crichton and, typical of me, devoured every book he'd ever written in a span of less than half a year. In my beautiful new library in my own house, there is an entire shelf dedicated to his books.

And then, when I had run through them all, I went on to another author. He, meanwhile, kept writing. And last month, a friend gave me one of his books that came out years after I'd moved on. It is everything good Crichton is: amazingly detailed, incredibly scientific, suspenseful, adventurous. It takes me to another time, another place, with great characters who are fun to be with. It's total escapist reading.

Escapist, indulgent, wonderful reading. All under an electric blanket.

I love New Year's Resolutions.


  1. Great pic- other than the white coat, could be me! I walked the dog this morning with nothing but my eyes sticking out.

    I am sorry for sending the cold your way!

    But being in bed with a book is a good way to survive.

  2. Ooh, I love your resolution...I think I'm stealing it. I can do that, right? Steal other people's resolutions?

    I've only read a couple of Crichton books, but I have to say that Jurassic Park, was and always will be, one of the best thrillers ever written. (And I read it AFTER I saw the movie!)

    See? Your post brought me out of my work-induced exile. Nicely done!

  3. Heidi - I don't blame you, but I do really feel for you if this is your whole winter!! brrrrrrr..... I am beginning to be very friendly with my thermals!

    Kimberly - steal away!! It's a great one, isn't it? I tend to stay up way to late wasting time, and somehow this last half of the year I slacked off on the reading and I really missed it. Night is great, cause I can't write well past eleven most of the time.

    The book I'm reading is Timeline. Even better than Jurrasic Park I'd venture to say, although I read that a long time ago. Now I'm finding out if there are others of his I missed. I can't wait to get to bed now so I can read!

  4. I also love the picture! I'm getting into Blogamania fast for someone who just started this adventure so recently. Coincidentally I just saw the move "The Andromeda Strain". Great book. Movie creaks a bit but still fun.

  5. Now that is one I would not fail...unless I was eating MMs as I read - then I'd fail. hhmmmmm

  6. Now that is one I would not fail...unless I was eating MMs as I read - then I'd fail. hhmmmmm

  7. Hey, how are you doing? Hope 2009, will workout for you.

  8. yeah - two weeks in I can say, this one's a keeper!