Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Rock!

It's Veteran's Day here in the USA, and in Canada and the UK and other countries around the world. It's the remembrance of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, when armistice was signed to end World War 1. It commemorates peace, and remembers the sacrifices of those who served.

I spent my youth as an Army brat. I married a soldier who fought in the first Gulf War. I've spent my share of time watching anti-aircraft missiles firing in the night sky while curled on a couch in the dark, wondering if my boyfriend would come home.

I've seen firsthand how military men and women sacrifice on a daily basis, and put the needs of others and their country first.

So here's to all who served, and have served. For those who go months without real food, warm water and bathrooms. Here's to all those who can't get the sand out of their hair, or off their skin, or out of their clothes because you live in it and it becomes part of you. Here's to those who go where they are called without question. Here's to those leave cable TV and the comforts of home to live in third-world conditions to make a better life for those in other countries. Here's those who walk in places where each step could be their last to keep America - and the world - a safer place to live in.

I never take for granted the rights I have - to vote, to disagree with politics, to speak my faith, to write this blog without worry of censor or consequence, to pursue any career I choose. And I never forget that there are many countries where this isn't possible.

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