Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Meme

I've been tagged by my friend, Jen. So here are seven random facts about me:

1. My first alcoholic drink was red wine on my 21st birthday.

2. I am inept at phone calling. I avoid the phone like the plague. If you call, it very well may take me three months to call back. For the love of all that is decent, if you want a response, please email me. Unless you are an agent. Then, please call!

3. When I was in college a boy I knew, but didn't get along famously with, called to ask me to pray about something for him. When I asked why he called me, out of all his friends, he said, "Because when you talk to God, He listens." Of all the things anyone has ever said to me, I still hold this to be my very biggest compliment ever.

4. I qualified to compete at both the American and National speech competitions when in college, but couldn't go because my university, which spent countless millions on athletics, couldn't cough up the airfare. It was probably better...

5. I love the gym. If I could be there all day I would. Despite the fact that I am ungraceful, nonathletic and uncoordinated. Despite the fact that when the eye doctor asked me in eight grade what I do when a ball comes at me and I answered, "duck!" I love cycling, running, elipticalling, lifting, curling, pressing until I feel like my lungs will explode and my limbs will fall off. I love it.

6. When I was in seventh grade I wrote my autobiography completely around the basis that my older sister was out to kill me. It was the first time I realized I could write comedy.

7. I hope I live long enough not to care if I get skin cancer, so I can lay out in the sun and enjoy the feel of its warmth without worrying that it's killing me.

This turned out to be pretty hard. All the things I thought of to write I'd already written about in this blog or my random bio on the side. I'd tag someone else, but everyone I know who blogs has already been tagged!


  1. Still fun to read!

    I couldn't do it, I couldn't think of anything else that I'm willing to divulge publicly that I haven't already divulged in a divulgeatory manner.

    (I think I just morphed into Capt Jack for a second there...)

  2. divulgeatory manner! Love that!

    Capt Jack is welcome here anytime...


  3. That would be an English accent, by the way...

  4. would he ride an English saddle then?

  5. Secretly Cap'N Jack lurves him some English: And divulgeatory manner is awesum.

    This is highly cool, I really get like I feel to know you even more !!! This is great stuff!

    I have my fingers crossed for *the other thing* BTW°

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  7. What did your sister think about your autobiography?

  8. Ha! I think both my sister and my mother were appalled! But everything I said was true: she did try to get me to turn on the light in our room by standing on a ball (which sent me to the hospital with a concussion) and she did stick an umbrella in my eye (which sent me to the hospital for stitches) and she did coax me into the treehouse, which I fell out of, which did send me to the hospital with stitches and a concussion!

    Okay, I framed it in such a way to make it sound like she wanted me to be hurt, but still...

    it was all the truth... :)