Friday, April 22, 2011

Life... Crazy Life

Monday afternoon my internet went out. I know there are many worse fates, but I have to admit I panicked a little. By Tuesday, I was panicking a lot. It was three days before it came back on. One might ask, what in the world does a person like me do without internet????


  • washed, dried, and folded five loads of laundry
  • revised 25 more pages of my novel
  • hard-boiled and dyed three dozen eggs
  • went to an actual bowling alley and bowled with the kids 
  • drove kids into D.C. for a few hours in the Air and Space Museum
  • read a book (Three Cups of Deceit by Jon Kraukauer)
  • worked my way through about 50 more pages of my writing text book
  • made about 25 shrinky-dinks with my youngest
  • watched about six Disney movies with the kids
  • watched the entire Kennedy Miniseries
  • went shopping and bought my daughters Easter dresses and the rest of their summer wardrobe
  • walked the puppy about 2 miles every day
  • baked a cheesecake
  • baked chocolate chip cookies
  • put together a 1,000 piece puzzle with my son
  • beat my son's Wii record in wakeboarding
  • deadheaded my hydrangeas

What I did not do:

  • read emails
  • read blogs
  • upload pictures
  • update any facebook or twitter statuses
  • reply to any emails comment on any blogs
  • read any news articles

Weighing one against the other, maybe I should get Verizon to cut off my internet more often. I'm certainly not going to voluntarily go cold-turkey! I'm not that disciplined. :)

Still - if I'm behind on blogs and emails, I apologize. I'm trying to catch up now, but it may take awhile.

As for the rest of the weekend - it is Easter weekend, so the family and I will be off celebrating. He is Risen!!

Have a great weekend and I'll catch you next week.


  1. Wow, you were really productive during your internet crisis. If mine shuts down, all I can do is try and figure it out and hit refresh and phone people to come and fix it...and of course, pace up and down. LOL! WTG on turning a lime into limeade!

  2. Wow, Heidi, you are superwoman! ;-)

    I'm trying to cut back on my Internet time. Not easy, but my writing has to come first.

  3. I'm impressed! I wish I could force myself to go without it more often. Oh the good ol days!

    Happy Easter to you!!

  4. Wow, maybe I should disconnect the internet and I could get that much done as well.

  5. Wow. I unplug once in a while, but I try to even keep my computer off.
    I'm a bread-a-holic. So if I'm baking, I make bread. And then part of my brain says, hey, bread is good for you, I mean, only crazy no-carb people would argue with that. So then I stuff myself with bread.
    Also, when I don't want to clean. I clean closets.
    Yep, that's what I just took a break from doing.

    Also, congrats on the wakeboarding score :D
    My kids at 4 and 7 have surpassed me in everything but driving games. I kick butt at those...

  6. Wow! You have inspired me to unplug for two consecutive days a month. I shall do it!

    And no apologies are necessary. I think I may have to thank my internet provider if it goes down for a couple of days (I love it, but it can get my priorities mixed up too).