Monday, August 30, 2010

The Last Seven Days

It's Monday of the last week of summer vacation. I have my kids for seven more days, the weekend included, and then everything changes for us again. New wake-up times. New busses. New after-school activity schedules. New teachers and homework and friends and classes.

Usually this scares me. I don't like change that much. Especially when it begins at six in the morning. But this year, I'm sort of ready for it. Mostly that's selfish. I've gotten almost no work done this summer. Oh sure, I've had days of great revisions, and marketing for Some Kind of Normal is going pretty well, but on the whole... well, if the kids had been in school I'd be DONE with the new book. As it is, I'm less than half way through revisions, with the bulk of the hard stuff still looming. I want to be working on it, though. It's hard work, but I love it. There's hardly a thing I'd rather be doing than writing and revising.

BUT: I love having my kids home. Which is maybe my problem. I could plop them in front of the TV or computer, or send them out to play with the puppy, or over to a friend's house, and then write my heart out. But I don't have them home that much. All year they're in school, and this is my chance to spend time with them. To watch their endless concerts and doll fashion shows and play board games. It's my chance to go out with them to places like this:

This is where we went on Friday, where we hiked over the rocks and down the trails and found really cool places where water has carved out the perfect reading spot:

And this week is packed as well. The last week: the last chance to do everything we wanted to do all summer and now only have 7 days to do. On the schedule: baseball games and waterparks and the zoo and pool. Also time with friends and eating out and a bit of fun shopping.

So will I get a lot of writing done? Probably not. But next week I'll have the house all to myself. Six glorious hours to write and revise.

And no doubt, spend most of that time missing my kids.

How lucky am I that I love BOTH my jobs!?


  1. You just made me feel not guilty for not writing this summer, thanks.

    Looks like cool hiking.

  2. It sounds wonderful! And yes enjoy them now--as we all know--they grow soon and are gone.

  3. "the last chance to do everything we wanted to do all summer and now only have 7 days to do"

    I remember having this feeling as a kid so much!

    To me Autumn feels new to me, more than Spring. New class, new teachers, etc, like you say.

  4. You are truly blessed, Heidi! Enjoy your last week andjust think how much they'll remember of their summer vacations with Mom when they're grown and gone!

  5. I have one at school and one really bored one at home. I think my writing time shrunk with the start of the school year.

  6. Paul - I'm totally with you on September being the new January. Fall is my starting over with a clean slate time of year. And now that I have kids in school, it's like getting to live that all over again.

    Tam - I hope they remember the fun and not me trying to cram in just one hour of writing before we go. You know it's always the wrong stuff they remember! :)

  7. My daughter went back to school last Wednesday...I really look forward to her coming home each day.

    I hope you guys enjoy your last few days of summer! (Don' forget, there will still be weekends for fun times....)

  8. I hear you and totally feel the same way!