Friday, July 23, 2010


I had a whole post planned for today, it being Friday and me having 3,000 photos from Germany still left to share and all...

But my publisher ruined that.

In the best sort of way.

For those of you who don't know, my debut book, Some Kind of Normal, is about a family dealing with the diagnosis of their 12-year-old daughter and sister, who suddenly gets type 1 diabetes, and then develops complications from it.

One of the reasons I wrote this book was because I have type 1 diabetes, and because I constantly have conversations with people who have no idea what diabetes is, and how it effects someone's life. And thought here are plenty of books with characters with cancer, I've found hardly any with diabetes. So I wrote one.

And I contacted the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, the world leader in research and cure-hunting for type 1, and asked if they'd be interested in reading my book.

They said yes.

Yesterday I got word back from my publisher that they not only liked the book, they are going to feature it on their website in the fall ( They are setting up an entire new webpage for book reviews, and I am going to be the first book they review.

This is huge for me. HUGE. As in, international exposure on the world's largest diabetes website. My book is going to have the backing of the world's largest diabetes organization.

Newly diagnosed family are going to be put in touch with my book.

When I started writing, all I wanted to do was make a difference with my writing. Even if only with one person, I wanted my books to impact someone and change their lives. And now I have the opportunity to have thousands of families, hit with the shock of diagnosis. to not feel so alone, and to have a little hope that a cure is so darn close.

The book is so much more than diabetes, but this one avenue is a great start.

Can I do my little dance of joy yet? The dream continues to come true...


  1. I finished Some Kind of Normal a couple of months ago, but was dealing with some personal stuff and not doing reviews at that time.
    I need to rectify that.
    Because I sincerely LOVED your book.
    LOVED. So it's no surprise to me that they loved your book too =)

    Congrats =)

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  3. Heidi, congratulations! That's such wonderful news! Thank you so much for sharing that today, it made me smile. That's what writing is all about--reaching people. And with your book, you're going to be doing just that. I'm so happy for you :)

  4. Oh I am dancing for joy here for you too!!!!

  5. That is spectacular news. I'm so excited for you. Your book totally deserves it.

  6. Found you from Sharon's blog. Wonderful news! I have a dear friend who has been struggling with Type I for over 20 years and two pregnancies. I'll have to check back on more info about your book.

  7. That is FABULOUS news. I got goosebumps for you! Looking forward to hearing more!

  8. Way to go, Heidi! Dance, girl, dance!

  9. That is wonderful news Heidi! You already received my reveiw of Some Kind of Normal, and I added one to Good Reads, but would love to write another if I had chance!
    Dr. James Shapiro leads a diabetic research team here at the University of Alberta. I know he is internationally known, but more than that, I just know he is a really nice guy, having been a client at an office I used to work at. There are some great people working on creating new ways to treat cure diabetes, it seems.
    Very happy for you! Woohoo!!

  10. Oh Heidi! That is SUCH awesome news! You should definitely be doing your happy dance! I think a nice cha-cha with a big grin on your face is called for. ;o)

  11. How exciting! Very smart idea! Congratulations!

  12. This is BIG, Heidi! Congratulations.

  13. Your book arrived in the mail this week. I'm looking forward to reading it. One of my good friends' son has Type 1 too. I may let her borrow your book this weekend when we are at the cabin. Heidi--It does have a happy ending, right????I need to know before I let her read it....

  14. Well deserved! You rock, Heidi!!