Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I just posted my first real post over at our new 4 Corners Critique Group blog. It is what I would have written here had I not had to write there. So this blog gets short ended today because I am low on time. Go read it if you have time, and tell me what you think.

As for Some Mad Hope, all I have for you today is a dinner table conversation from last night. Just to show you how all-consuming this writing thing is.

My six year old writes books daily. She puts lots of papers together, staples them in the middle, and writes and illustrates them in her spare time at school. Every day we get two or three new installments to read at dinner.

Last night her book was about a baby bird who learns to fly. It was a happy book.

My son - who is ten - pipes up:

"You should have made the baby bird fall out of the tree and die or get hurt. Agents would like that better. It has more drama."

And here I thought he never listened to me!


  1. Oh man! So funny!

    I was working on a webcomic a few months ago. My daughter still makes comics featuring my characters.


  2. Oh my gosh, that is hilarious!!!

    My daughter handed me one of her homemade books one day and asked me to read it. When I was finished I told her how much I liked it, and she said: "Now get it published." do you tell an eight year old it's not that easy. I didn't, I told her she had to be 18 first.

  3. Kimberly - you always have the best retorts!! What a great answer!

  4. That's funny. I have a 7 year old girl and a 11 year old boy and we've had many conversations like that one. Of course my 1 year old boy always takes it up a notch.