Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Friday; It's a Good Thing

Tiger Swallowtail

Yay for Fridays!! Yay for warmer weather and thick green leaves and longer days, (Boo for allergies, but we won't go there).

So Jen wrote a good post about not allowing the anger or depression or sadness or slowness of the publishing process affect your optimism. Go read it. And resolve to be more positive.

So what's good this week?

1. TV. This is so shallow. I know. But it's end of the season and things are getting really good. I get to watch 3 hours of Survivor this weekend! Grey's Anatomy is one for two hours as I write this. And next week the fleet of summer shows starts. Do you remember when summer meant the onslaught of reruns and really bad made-for-TV movies? Not anymore! Bring on Wipeout! Bring on America's Got Talent! Bring on a new Army Wives season! Bring on some really cool looking pilots! I'm ramping up the DVR for a whole new host of possibilities!

2. Barbecue! I've done most of the cooking this week on the grill. There's nothing like the smell of meat on the grill, smoke wafting on the breeze, the taste of jerk chicken and hamburgers and ribs. Corn on the cob. Onions and peppers and tomatoes all marinated and grilled. And no dishes. Yay!!

3. Birthdays. This week was my husband's birthday and normally I feel a bit...ummm....put-out by having to take on all the arrangements for every birthday in my immediate family, as well as grandparents. It's a lot of work. But really, when it comes right down to it, it feels amazing to make one person feel totally and completely special.

4. Grass. Leaves. Butterflies. Birds. Thunderstorms that light up the sky at night. Farmers Markets. Starry skies. Fluffy clouds. Azaleas. All things spring.

5. The minute the kids get off the school bus. They are talking before they even hit the pavement, running towards me with hugs and stories of their days, and no matter how bad my day has been, it's always better when they get home.

6. Exclamation points. Not mine, because on the blog I way over use them. But I've received a couple of agent emails lately with exclamation points. It feels big when I see that. It feels like hope. It feels like possibility. It feels like they are as excited as I am.

7. You all. For reading my journey. And being a part of it.

Happy Weekend!


  1. YAY for positivity! You ROCK it, bb!

    (thanks for the link too, I feel so loved)

    BBQ! Birthdays! Kids! Hubbie! Agent exclamation points!

    Yeah, looks like you're set. :)

  2. Happy B'day Todd!!! And Grey's Anatomy Yay! Never seen Army Wives but since Irene sold the rights I guess I'm a fan by association. You're make me so homesick.

  3. I don't get to watch much TV other than occasional sports and kids shows. I was able to watch the Season Finale of The Office last night and loved it.

    Barbecue! Yummy! I need to pick up some gas for my grill.

  4. Jen - when I write the good things down, the week doesn't look that bad!

    Kerri - Irene sold the rights? She's my hero! I love that show! Todd will even watch it with me to critique all the military parts of it. :)

    Paul - I don't watch much TV either. I DVR about three shows a season and watch them mostly on the weekends.

    The great thing about summer is that the kids get to stay up later and can watch some of the more family friendly fare with us. :)

  5. Actually I'm looking forward to TV shows being done then I'll actually get some work done. I love BBQ and I'm really looking forward to no more lunches.

  6. Thanks for all the fun summertime reminders! We're actually breaking out the BBQ this weekend (finally) since the sun has decided to make an extended appearance! YAY!!!

  7. I think you hit just about everything that's great about summer!

    I do miss being in a state where you get summer. I remember absolutely drooling for summer when I lived in Minnesota, for warm days and blue skies and robins. Ahhhh. It's always the same in California. Either beautiful blue skies or it's raining. Once in awhile it gets really hot.

    Agent exclamation points! That's worth a whole lot of !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Patti - LOL! If I turned off the TV more I'd get more done at night for sure!

    Kimberly - I don't know how you live in a place that gets so little sun. But I barbecue during the winter, too, in ice storms and hurricanes, etc. It's a great alternative when the electricity goes out! :)

    marsh - I felt the same way when I lived in CA. I missed the seasons so much!! Now, by the end of winter I am plotting how to get back there! :) But then spring comes, and I realize why I love it so much. I do love the change.