Monday, June 23, 2008

Adapt and Overcome

During the school year I made a habit of writing every day in the quiet room of my local library. It's a luxury I no longer have. Now I write on the fly, whenever I can. I'm not sure it's working well for the novel, but it's important for me to keep the dedication.

These are the places I've worked on my novel in the past seven days:

A hotel room in New York, every night after everyone else went to sleep.

My kitchen table, with only the light of the laptop screen after the electricity went out.

The customer waiting room of the Honda Service Department.

And my favorite, here:

This is the table I sit at when we go to the pool. I write overlooking the Potomac River, take a dip in the pool when it gets too hot, and still be a great mom.

So where do you writers write? And how do you adapt when life gets crazy?


  1. What a great question, Heidi! I had to think about it a second. I travel four hours a day by train to the job, so I write there. I write on the sofa (we have wireless which is a godsend) so the cats can sit on my belly in front of the monitor, LOL, and there's a great coffee shop in town I love to work at too.

    How's the present novel coming along??

  2. On my computer when I have "break-time" at work. Spare moments when my little one goes to bed.
    Haven't had much time to really dive into my own writing recently, but I've been thinking and jotting down notes as I can.

  3. I have a laptop, and I drag it all over the house.

    But when things get crazy, like these last couple of weeks, I confess that I cope by, um, not writing enough. Aaarrggh!

    At least my kids are old enough to entertain themselves while I write. Last summer I told them that they had to give me an hour at least, uninterrupted. I often got more like two, and that'll put a good dent in it. I'm hopeful for this summer!