Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Residency #4: Here I Come

Less than 19 hours until I leave for my fourth residency.

Fourth. How did that happen?? How have I already completed three entire semesters?

I thought I would get better at this. The first time - ya know - I didn't know anything. And I'd broken my foot and gotten the flu and hosted Christmas for 14 people. So of course I was running like a crazy person (only metaphorically running, not running, literally, because of the foot thing).

I feel like an old geezer, walking around with a cane and my wobbly old voice saying, "I remember when I was just a young whipper snapper getting ready for my first residency, having no idea what to expect and scared and excited and wondering what I'd gotten myself into." (This is much better if you actually hear this in your head with an old, high, wobbly voice.)

And now. Now.

I am STILL frantically trying to figure out what clothes to bring on the day before the flight leaves. I still have nothing in my closet but black. Black! Like I'm some emo artist with goth eye liner. How did this happen?  Oh yeah.. black is slimming. That's why...

I am STILL thinking I can spend ten hours and completely overhaul  my house, finish laundry, pack suitcase and backpack, fill the fridge with food for those left behind, write a list of the kids' schedules and the dog's eating habits, vacuum out the car...

have I forgotten anything?


Oh yeah. Homework. I still haven't finished critiquing my worksheets for this residency, which is scandalous because I always finish those WAY early and then have time to go over and over them. And this time I'm hoping somehow I can get them done and printed before I even leave, but that's not looking likely.

And I didn't finish my newest short story. Or the book I was reading.

It will all work out. At least that's what my husband says. I suppose it will. Funny how, two years later, I am still struggling with the same pre-residency issues: letting go. If I end up learning anything in grad school it's this: I cannot do it all.

I'll try to keep this blog somewhat updated with my goings-on there. No promises, of course, but I'll try.

What I'm looking forward to:

  • FRIENDS!!! These are people I only see twice a year, and they are like family to me. I cannot wait to see them, hang out with them, room with them, get coffee in the morning and wine at night with them. There will probably be screaming in the airport. I'm not embarrassed about that.
  • Laughing.  I've never laughed so much in my life as I laugh at residency. Hoping that trend continues.
  • Craft Talks: Cramming my head with an insane amount of knowledge that it will take years to synthesize and incorporate it all. And all the laughing that happens in them, too.
  • Vineyards: There is a night at the winery again. Wine, food, author readings... does a night get any better than that??
  • Karaoke: Okay, if a night could get better than the winery, the karaoke night is it. There are plans under way that may or may not include me singing. It also may or may not be Bohemian Rhapsody. It may or may not be epic. I'm thinking yes.
  • Ten days of not cooking and cleaning. Shallow, I know, but that alone makes it like a vacation.

So blogging buddies, I'm off. See ya on the flip side!


  1. You had me at the ten nights of no cooking or cleaning. Sounds like a great holiday.

    It's so funny that out of all the things we need to do before we leave our family I always think I need to vacuum out the car as well.

    Heed your husband's advice 'everything will work out', things usually do.

    Have fun at your residency and once again I look forward to gleaning what you learn (is that the right word - I'm not sure).

  2. mamaaaaaa oo ooooo..... scaramouche fandango thunderbolts lightening etc etc.

    You make school sound like SO MUCH FUN! I almost want to go too!

    You've done the work. Your husband is right - it will all work out. Can I still live vicariously through you, since it all seems so exciting from where I sit... what with all the singsongs and laughing and vineyards and the beach and... oh yeah, the writing!!!

  3. Okay, how long have I been away from the blogging world? Six months? How did I miss your other two residencies? In my mind, you still have the boot still on your foot. I'm regressing a bit, my teen just graduated, so I'm trying desperatly to reverse time. Sorry.

    Congrats on the fourth residency. You are amazing!