Friday, May 27, 2011

What You Remember May Not Be True...

After writing yesterday about sometimes confusing what is real with what I write, I found this absolutely fascinating article about research that's showed that sometimes our most vivid memories are not actually things that have been experienced, but things that we only think have happened because somewhere along the way, the image was put into our heads by someone else (advertising, in the case of the article, but I think it could work for reading and writing as well, or anything we immerse ourselves in).

It's crazy. And scary. But mostly wildly interesting.

The article is here.

Go read. I'll see you on Monday!

Have a great weekend - and a great holiday for my fellow American friends!


  1. I often wondered if things I remember are real or not, especially as I get older. I think I need to read this.

  2. That is freaky, but I do believe it. I've had that happen to me once when my brother told me a story about something. He was particularly descriptive, and I ended up imagining it in my head, then incorporating it into my own memories!

  3. I love that we remember things in our way. Off to read article