Friday, October 8, 2010

Book Club Editions! MFAs! It's Friday: It's a Good Thing

A long time ago I started a tradition of making Friday my thankful day on the blog. Somehow under all the roller coaster hills of the last year, I've gotten out of doing that. Today seems a good day to get back to that.

So here are some good things from this week:

1. My book is being reissued as a book club edition! I have some great questions in the back now, an updated cover, and a plan of attack. Bwaahaahaa!!! Also, if you know of any book clubs that might like Some Kind of Normal, either contact me with their info, or them with mine, and I can get them signed books, and even do a skype book club chat with them if they want.

2. My MFA information has come in the mail and along with it my first few assignments. I KNOW! Classes don't even start until January!! I guess they figure it's good to get us when we're still excited instead of dying under the realization of what we've signed on for.

3. That information included asking me to list my top five advisors/mentors for the next two years. I went through the list of faculty, reading their bios, googling pictures of them, reading opening chapters of their books, and there are some amazing writers here!! And also, out of the fifteen, I found exactly five that I thought would fit really well with my own style and personality. And I found one I absolutely love love love. Keeping fingers crossed I get my first choice!!

4. That information also asked me to compile a reading list for the next semester. I get to compile my own list! How cool is that!! How stressful is that!! I feel like this is the first big test they put in front of me: Let's see if this student can choose good books. I have a feeling John Grisham and James Patterson are not on their secret list of great literature. I'm drawing on suggestions y'all made a while back, so that's awesome! Thanks!

5. FAFSA and I have decided to get along. FAFSA is the financial aid application which I filled out this week to put myself and family in debt to get this wonderful degree. If you've filled out government forms that deal with other government forms (like tax forms) you know how crazy it can drive you. Thankfully, I only yelled at my husband twice, and I totally blame that on the fact that my blood sugar was 43 and I felt like I could barely process words. So the FAFSA is done and out there in the ether and my husband and I are still happily married. That's a good thing.

6. I am happy for cooler weather. Fall is finally on us, and I love it. Nothing better than curling up with my laptop to write all bundled in a comfy sweatshirt.

On an end note, here's one of the pics I posted on my photo blog this week. It's one of my favorite fall photos so far. Happy weekend, and happy Thanksgiving to my Candadian friends!


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  2. So many things to be grateful for!! And government forms are daunting. I'd have been like a snapping turtle too and not have blood sugar levels to blame.
    I'd like to pass your book along to my book club. They have already picked books for Sept to June though. Will we be able to capitalize on your time in September 2011?

  3. Nice photo! It's not quite fall here yet but it is getting cooler. This weekend I might actually wear a long-sleeved shirt. We'll see.

    That's so cool about the advisors/mentors. I hope you get your first choice.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. That is a fabulous fall photo - love it.
    Good luck with your reading list - that sounds mildly terrifying.
    I'm laughing because Cindy said it's not quite fall where she is and we're below freezing and there are NO leaves left on trees.

    Ohhh.... FAFSA and student loans - after putting my husband through law school I NEVER want to deal with student loan people/government loans/private loans... ugh.
    Good luck with that too.

  5. Aw, thanks for the wishes, and I always love a red maple leaf!

    I truly believe you are going to rock that university course. Honestly!

  6. I've got my fingers crossed for your number one choice for your advisor. :)

    What does it mean when a book is reissued as a book club edition? So I have a copy of Some Kind of Normal and it's a rather large paperback, does that mean it will be reprinted in a smaller version like a Harlequin size book?

    Have a wonderful weekend...great photo!

  7. So exciting, Heidi! Your book is a PERFECT for a book club! I'm not currently participating in a book club, but I will definitely keep my ear out for you amongst my friends.

    And I love the pic!! I've been itching to head out into a nearby state park to take some shots of the beautiful changing leaves.