Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How Facebook Saves the Day

I'd like to clarify that statement by saying something like, "well, that's really quite the hyperbole..." but the funny thing is, it's not.

You see, my husband doesn't have a facebook account. He teases me about the time I spend on mine. He says he doesn't have one because of something to do with his security clearance and his business contacts. Yeah right. Like the congressmen he briefed yesterday would know whether or not he updates a facebook status. They're probably all twittering behind his back anyway.

In any case, since I have one and he doesn't, I can write whatever I want there and he won't know. It's kind of a joke in our family. He does something that might be considered embarrassing to himself and I say, "Well that'll make a great facebook status."

Which has, in turn, been the way we salvage moments that might make us cry. The dog locked me out of the car when it was running and my only set of keys were in the ignition? That'll make a great facebook status!  The kid spills his plate of spaghetti on the white rug? That'll make a great facebook status!  I stood out in hurricane force winds to gas up the car and then forgot to put the cap back on and had to stop on the highway and get out, totally drenched, on the side to replace it? That'll make a great facebook status!

In the craziest, most absurd way, facebook status updates have let us laugh at situations we might otherwise cry at. And yes, sometimes this makes it feel like Facebook is saving the day.


  1. HA HA HA!

    I do the same thing - but on TWITTER! I joke that I have a "Twurge" (TWitter URGE) and my hubs just rolls his eyes.

    Even the cats have a twitter. Only Loki does not.

  2. I always say that to my kids. This will make a great story someday. I might have to use the facebook status ideea.

  3. Ha, ha! So true! Remind me to tell you some time how my Facebook status ended up getting me a new laptop. Seriously!