Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Children's Book Series and Book Giveaway

I have two young girls and a son, and if I've discovered anything it's that the girls want to keep up with their older brother something fierce... but they want to do it in tiaras and pink tutus.

This is why, when I first found out about new author Bethany Hegerhorst's new book series, Sports Princesses, I had one of those head slapping moments when I wondered why this hadn't been done before. Girls in football jerseys AND tutus? Glitter face paint? Flouncy skirts and soccer balls?  Priceless!!

Her new series is coming out in June, and she's giving out books on her blog to those that stop by and link her blog on yours. Also, she has a super cute photo contest going on, too. Check them out! Enter! Spread the word!


  1. Yeah, those books look really cute.

  2. And did you see the prize on the photo contest? $250 and more. Too bad my daughter is only three months old :)