Friday, January 8, 2010

Good Thing Friday: When emails make you cry

I had a list of things to write about this week. For the first time in a while my head is full of blog posts, some of which might actually be interesting.  Unfortunately for the blog (but fortunately for me!), my head was also full of story that needed to be written. Between kids' activities resuming, demanding puppies (I'm not complaining, Mom!!), and my brain being utter mush by nine at night, there was little enough time to work on my WIP, let alone blog.

Not deterred, I figured at least I could whip up a quick list of good things for this Friday. Snow. Fleece. Puppies sleeping on my feet. Wagging tails. Quiet. Incredibly generous bloggers who interview me and review my book. Incredibly generous readers who shell out money – at Christmas time nonetheless – to buy my book.

But there is one great good thing that towers above everything else this week. Something I may have thought about – hoped about – but never fathomed how amazing it could be...


Emails from people who have read the book, and been touched by it.

I've been getting them all week. Incredible, lovely, wonderful emails from people who may or may not have even known me, who found something they loved in the book and felt like they needed to tell me.

People who quote their favorite lines to me.

People who explain why a particular scene felt incredibly real and relateable.

People who open their hearts and their own world of hurts and struggles because they think I truly understand.

I received an email today from a mother who lost her own daughter to an illness the doctors didn't have a cure for. In the same town, the very same hospital as my book takes place in. Who had well-meaning folks tell them God would heal their daughter. And well-meaning folks tell her whatever the outcome was, it was God's will. Well-meaning folks that cooked and cleaned and visited and did the things that got them through the darkest times.

Her email made me cry.

Writers sometimes talk about whether it's more important to be critically acclaimed as a great writer, or to make a lot of money. I always said I only wanted to make a difference. I wanted my writing to matter to someone.

To have that actually happen.....

to say it's a good thing can't even begin to hit the mark.

It's amazing. Incredible.

It's the best thing ever.


  1. You have given people a gift, and they have given one to you, I think.

    Very cool. You have made a difference.


  2. Heidi, that is totally awesome! I'm sure words can't even express how happy you feel to know you've accomplished what you set out to do. I'm so proud of you!! {{HUGS}}

  3. What a wonderful gift to know that you have indeed succeeded in the way you most wanted: giving a story that touches others. Kudos!

  4. Heidi, I can't tell you what this means to hear this. Authors want to connect with others in a profound way, and you've done this. Thank you!

  5. That's wonderful. That's what being an author is really supposed to be about, and I hope you get a lot more of that.

  6. That's amazing, Heidi! What a great blessing you have been to others, touching their lives with your words.

  7. Oh, Heidi.

    This is only the beginning!

    (invisible hugs!)

  8. Also I've been telling my mom and sister all about this book, and can't wait to press it into their hands!!

  9. that sounds so awesome - makes everyting worth it!

  10. How wonderful to know you're touching people's lives. That's huge.

  11. I read ALL THE NUMBERS a year after a friend died. I was at the most exciting conference I'd ever been at, but at night I would read and cry. The book was overwheming, but good for me. I casually knew the author. I took her out for lunch after I read her book to thank her.

    I think it is wonderful that you made a difference. I hope m writing does tha for someone someday. :) Congrat's and I will be picking up your book....

  12. I am so happy that you have been able to touch lives. The nice thing about it is that those people whose lives you have touched will remember and return to the emotions you created in them, again and again. How cool is that? Congratulations on a great job.

    Word Designer

  13. That's amazing. What a great thing knowing you made a difference to one person, and that her story and your character's story were so similar!